Re-Entry Services

Patients in the correctional system have a highly specialized set of requirements when it comes to medical and psychological care. Long Term Psychiatric and Medical Management understands this need, and uses recognized best practices to facilitate patients’ transition from highly structured institutional settings back into the community. We believe this transition period is as crucial to the patient’s future well-being as the program of care and support that leads up to it. So, we pay attention to the process, not just the result.
Our focus is on the successful reintegration of clients and the reduction of recidivism, or repeat offending. We are experts at understanding the patient’s needs while also supporting community safety and security.
Our experienced professionals provide valuable expertise in re-entry planning, comprehensive case management, rape and violence prevention, life skills development, employment readiness, family reunification and related services.
Wherever confidence in correctional health care is important, that’s where you’ll find the experienced professionals of LTPMM.