Medical Services

Trust and confidence are indispensable components of every doctor-patient relationship, and they should underpin each episode of health care in every type of setting. LTPMM operates under this philosophy daily and is a recognized leader in compassionate, comprehensive medical services for those in need of on- and off-site care.
Patients know they can count on LTPMM for professional primary physician services; vision and hearing care; physical, occupational and speech therapy; wound care and infection control; diagnostic and laboratory services; inpatient rehabilitation programs for alcohol, heroin, cocaine and benzodiazepine addiction; hospice and end-of-life care; re-entry services and recidivism prevention programs; durable medical equipment services; and the reassurance of modern electronic medical record systems.
No two patients are exactly alike, and that’s why LTPMM nursing services are second to none in personalized care. Our nursing professionals are highly skilled in the procedures and protocols of correctional health services, with an eye toward supportive and compassionate care. Under the direction of a site practitioner, nursing staff members are responsible for taking patient histories, triaging medical needs, supervising medication services, managing patient medical records, conducting nurse sick call, and overseeing off-site and specialty care.