Our Team

Aspirit of teamwork is the guiding philosophy that governs our services. We believe in consistent communication among team members to ensure the most seamless, safe and appropriate attention is received by each patient. We know the individual provider is made many times more effective when operating as part of a well-balanced, supportive and forward-thinking team, and our staff operates under that philosophy daily.
Today’s care provider recognizes that every patient’s psychological well-being and physical health are inextricably linked. To that end, each patient receives a detailed health evaluation and a personal plan of care that aligns perfectly with his or her unique needs.
Our patients enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a dedicated and compassionate staff, plus 24-hour availability. Regular visits provide stability and ensure the patient’s peace of mind. And our team members never stop enriching their knowledge for the benefit of those in their care. LTPMM staff receives ongoing professional training that keeps the individual’s unique needs at the forefront.